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Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

We have experience on both sides of the equation which enables us to understand what works in today’s marketplace and provides a significant advantage to our clients. Having that experience allows us to provide assistance in both asset-based and specialty loans including revolving lines of credit, loan modification, and equipment term loans to name a few. We recognize that negotiation and settlement of claims is often in our clients’ interest, and we have been successful in favorably settling claims brought against our clients. However, when negotiations and settlement discussions breakdown, we also stand ready to successfully represent our client’s claims in court if necessary. Our experience can help you develop successful workout solutions.

Bank Liability to Consumers in Personal Banking

Hahn Law Firm has been privileged to represent many consumers in lawsuits against their banks and credit card companies related to fraudulent transactions suffered by the consumer for which their bank has attempted to hold them liable.

Liability for banking customers is established by the underlying contract between the bank and customer, as well as by federal consumer credit protection statutes.  Given the clear language of both, it may surprise consumers to learn just how often banks attempt to shift liability to them for fraudulent conduct on a consumer’s account(s).

At Hahn Law Firm, we have successfully recovered judgments against banks (as well as favorable settlements) for improperly holding their customer’s liable for fraudulent charges and/or withdrawals from their accounts.

We are also fortunate to have relationships with former high level bank fraud personnel who now serve as expert witnesses for us in many of these cases, providing the court with a detailed explanation of how a fraud claim should be investigated and noting the specific ways a bank may have failed to do so.

If you have experienced wrongful liability for fraud associated with your credit card or bank account, please contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist you.