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Founded in 2000, we strive to be the most proficient and ambitious legal team dedicated to helping clients reach their legal goals.

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The legal system can be daunting and incredibly difficult to navigate on your own. The Hahn Law Firm has experienced trial attorneys that can provide legal representation in many areas of law including, but not limited to landlord tenant disputes, insurance claims, aviation law, contract disputes, consumer rights, property damage, estate planning, and business related matters. Our attorneys are resourceful and efficient so that they can provide the legal representation you deserve. Our firm has extensive experience in representing clients and handling legal matters so you can be assured that we are focused on and working toward achieving your legal goals.


Civil law generally involves non-criminal disputes between individuals and/or entities which seek money or specific performance. The matters can be decided by a judge or jury.

Consumer Law

In the marketplace, there are certain laws that regulate sellers and lenders and compliance with those laws is required.  The practice of consumer law protects consumers in the marketplace from abusive practices of sellers and lenders who are not in compliance with the law.

Landlord-Tenant / Property

Property law is not just limited to ownership of real property. Property law also governs ownership of personal property and issues arising between landlords and tenants.

Aviation Law

Aviation law covers all aspects of aircraft and airport operations and regulations including safety, FAA enforcement, maintenance, insurance claims, and associated legal and business concerns.

Contract Law

Contract law refers to the creating and enforcing of agreements between parties.


Tort law seeks to provide relief or a defense to the alleged actions and/or behaviors of another which resulted in damages. Common causes of action in tort include but are not limited to negligence, assault, fraud, invasion of privacy, theft, harassment, and infliction of emotional distress.


Meet Our Attorneys

Derrick J. Hahn

Lead Attorney
Derrick Hahn earned his law degree after spending more than 15 years in the aviation industry as an...
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Corey R. Herrick

Corey Herrick has been an attorney at the Hahn Law Firm since 2008. Mr. Herrick earned his law...
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Matthew Hahn

Associate Attorney
Matthew joined the Hahn Law Firm in 2015. Prior to practicing law, Matthew retired from the United States...
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Bill Lamoreaux

Bill has over 45 years’ experience in employment law, labor law, personal injury, and general civil litigation representing...
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